Slash Jay Slash Ranch
Granby, Colorado

This beautiful, working cattle ranch in the heart of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, bordering on Rocky Mountain National Forest land, between Granby and Grand Lake, was the place to share special times with special friends over the years.

There were even some pretty wild parties, by all accounts, but we wouldn't know the particulars of those!

There were enough beds for plenty of guests and all of the ranch hands, cowboys and caretakers!

Somehow the memories of shoveling you-know-what out of stalls, washing tons of dishes from the guests and ranch hands, changing what seemed like mountains of beds after the guests left, preparing food for 50+ people, hauling hay out to the cattle in the early dawn in the dead of winter... all those details have faded a little bit from my memory!

With hay rides, cookouts, fishing for rainbow trout, skeet shooting, shuffleboard, miniature golf, swingsets, horseback riding, branding season, hunting season, swimming at the solar-heated pool, inner-tubing down the irrigation ditch, hiking up Half-Moon Mountain, building hay tunnels in the barn, riding out to the old Joslin Place, exploring Cow Camp in the summer on the cattle drives, well, this place was a piece of paradise on earth!

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