This page is dedicated to the family JunieBaby married into and the children she had with her husband, Jene Harper.

Jene Paul Harper was born in Sapulpa, Oklahoma on December 27, 1910, one of four children of Jacob Pearl Harper and Myrtle Ann Ham Harper.

  • The oldest was a girl, Ideth Fern, born in 1909, died in 1910.
  • Jene Paul was the second born.
  • He had 2 younger brothers, Raymond Lawrence (Larry) born June 29, 1915, and
  • Calvin, born in Hollywood, California. Calvin died as a young child.

Lawrence married Aileen Haley and they had four children:

  • Mikie (deceased)
  • Sally (deceased)
  • Dana and
  • Melissa.

Jene's first marriage was to Jean Harriet Fosbinder. They had 2 sons:

  • Jene Paul Harper, Jr. (a.k.a. "Paul") and
  • Ronald Risdon Harper. (Ron)

Paul Harper married Julie Anne Radford and they have two sons:

  • Christopher Paul (Chris) and
  • Anthony Jene (Tony).

Tony married Pamela Jayne Dogra and they have 1 child:

  • Erika Danielle.

Ronald (Ron) married Patricia Ann Mahoney and they have two children:

  • Jene Paul, III and
  • Tracy Lynn.

Jene Paul married Carrie Culp and they have three children:

  • Jay (J.J.)
  • Georgia (G.G.)
  • Caroline (C.C.).

Meanwhile, back at the ranch....

Jene got married again, this time to June Edith Marion Aleff (a.k.a: JunieBaby) and they had two daughters:

  • Teresa Anne and
  • Debra June.

Teresa Anne has two children:

  • Avelina Teresa and
  • Pablo Eugenio.

Debra June has one son:

  • William Joseph, a.k.a., B.J.

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