Franklin Supply Company

This is the company where JunieBaby spent a good part of her working life. She met and married her boss! Many of her friends were Franklin employees around the world.

Franklin Supply Company was founded in 1933 by C.L. "Squire" McGuire to build the Roosevelt Refinery and Gathering System at Mt. Pleasant, MI. At that time, Jene Harper was the refinery purchasing agent. After the project was completed, Jene took over Franklin and bought out "Squire".

Over the years before he retired, Jene was a member of the World War II Production Board, American Petroleum Institute and Petroleum Equipment Supply Association, as well as the Presidential Advisory Board under Reagan. Through his and the employees' efforts, the "Little Red Warehouse" grew into multiple operations in thirteen states, three Canadian provinces, four Venezuelan locations and a joint venture which covered London, Scotland and Norway.

At the time of his retirement, total sales were over 125 million dollars. Franklin Supply was built on his philosophy of service and personal relationships. This meant, among other things, a lot of late nights at the Franklin hospitality suite at NAPM with Harry and Mavis.

-- Thanks to Paul Harper for the History of Franklin Supply Company!


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