JunieBaby was born on June 12, 19XX (She made me promise I would NEVER tell her age to anyone!) in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. She lived there until she went to the University of Wisconsin in Madison her first year of college. It was in Sheboygan that she played games with the neighborhood kids, rode her bike, skied in the park in winter, went to the Lantern Parade in the fall, particpated in the May Day celebrations, went to church, taught Sunday School, babysat and got her first job and her first kiss!

They have bratwurst festivals, fish fries on Fridays and blueberry küchen. In the summers you can catch fireflies and freeze your toes wading in Lake Michigan. You could go to the Sheboygan Theatre, which was built in Sheboygan's downtown in 1928 as a combined motion picture and live theatre building. It has been restored to its original grandeur with the Spanish architecture that drew acclaim in 1928, with its ornately plastered walls, the twinkling stars on the ceiling, landscape painting and spectacular chandeliers.

For you readers who are not familiar with Sheboygan, it is located on Lake Michigan. Here are some MAPS you can see.

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