The Aleffs are the Paternal relatives of JunieBaby.

This information comes from Phylis and Howard Aleff, which they gathered during their trip to Dorston, Germany, where they tracked down and met many of the Aleff relatives, and filled in the gap on Johann Heinrich for them, as he was the missing link in their family records.

JunieBaby's Great-Grandfather was born in Dorsten, Germany in l820 and baptized Johann Heinrich. He immigated to the U.S. at the age of l9 and changed his name to Hubbert. This is on his death certificate but Howard always thought his name was Andrew. See the caption in the photo album for the photo called "Andrew Aleff Branch" for more information on this part of the Aleff Family. Thanks to Christine Chad for this!

His family never knew what happened to him, as he was never heard from after he left home in Germany. Of course, there was no mail or telephone in those days, and perhaps he could not even read or write. (As the third child of nine children, in Germany, where the eldest child always inherits all of the family assets, the present family figures he knew he had to make his own life.)

Hubbert (Andrew) married Veronica Zimmerman from Two Rivers, Wisconsin. She died in l873 and Hubbert died in l893. His death certificate states that he was born in l822-but his birth records from Germany say l820. We do not know the date of their marriage. Their oldest son was Peter.

Peter married Josephine Schreiber around l880. Peter died Dec 11, l936 at the age of 80 and Josephine died Nov. 2, l946 at the age of 86.

Joseph William Aleff was their oldest son. He married Theresa Rose Loesing in Sheboygan, Wisconsin on June 21, 1910 and they had three children:

    • Kenneth Gordon Aleff
    • Howard Joseph Aleff
    • June Edith Marion Aleff (a.k.a.: JUNIEBABY!)


Joseph William Aleff died August 14, l957. Theresa Rose Loesing Aleff died in the fall of 1974.

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